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It's not an exaggeration to say that more and more research is coming out every month that shows how changes in everyday activities - such as beginning a regular exercise program, learning coping strategies, and expanding social connections- can have a dramatic positive impact of depression. Neither is it an exaggeration to say that more and more people are beginning to become aware that drugs are not always - some might say never - the best treatment for depression. Likewise, research shows that "traditional" approaches such as psychotherapy are just as effective - often much more effective - than drugs - without the harmful side effects that drugs can have. And when one adds hypnosis as a tool to deliver interventions? Results improve even more.

We have gathered together 3 students of Milton Erickson, who are also experts on depression and its treatment. We asked them to give us not only their "opinions" but also reviews of what the research REALLY tells us about depression and what WORKS for it's treatment.

In this online workshop with follow-up panel discussion you will discover:

* Why hypnosis a useful tool for treating depression.

* How to avoid not knowing what to do with depressed clients.

* New brain and neuroscience research demonstrates the brain's remarkable ability to change, regenerate and heal itself. (This knowledge is a MUST if you work with people who suffer from depression).

* Behaviors and activities that can help "inoculate" you and your clients against depression.

* Sample techniques for treating depressive symptoms and evolving your work.

* Some simple strategies that can radically change your effectiveness as a therapist.

* Enhance the effectiveness of your work and work with greater personal satisfaction.

* How to be more effective in your clinical practice

* How newly recognized brain plasticity increase growths and connections within the brain And how this relates to depression.

* Think through how to increase your effectiveness with depressed clients.

* Counteracting the negative factors that hide the nature of depression including economic corruption and pseudo-scientific false advertising. Controversial ideas that you need to be aware of.

* How to deal with seemingly conflicting data, so that you can make the right choices for yourself and clients. This alone is worth the price of the conference.


Empower yourself with the knowledge you need to understand your own potency and value as a clinician.

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Learn in the comfort of your home or office. Skip the hassle and expense of airfare, hotels and other travel expenses.

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Your Panel of Depression Experts


Rob McNeilly, MD


"Using Hypnosis To Look Past Depression: Seeing and Healing The Whole Person."

Rob McNeilly

Rob studied directly with Milton Erickson and is known for providing experiential learning which is practical, relevant and down to earth. Rob has the ability to teach immediately useful skills to therapists and the public. A former licensed medical doctor, Rob now focus exclusively on teaching and training. Widely known throughout Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, Rob is the author and co-author of several books and DVD's series on empirically based methods for learning effectiveness in therapy. In this practical and immediately useful presentation Rob will not only share his theories and ideas for looking past depression and seeing the entire person, but also lead you through some gentle yet effective experiences that will give you first-hand knowledge of processes that can help cure a person of depressive thoughts and feelings, including:

• how to individualise “depression” treatments
• a fail safe way to invite anyone into mind-body states such as hypnosis that can heal
• how to access useful resources with anyone (both with and without hypnosis).
• tips for enhancing the effectiveness of your work (and your own personal satisfaction)

Dr. Michael Yapko, PhD Psychology


"Pills or Skills? Learn Why Psychotherapy Is Better than Antidepressants And How You Can Have Amazing Outcomes Without The Side Effects of Drugs."

Michael Yapko

Michael Yapko, PhD.

Michael Yapko is both a visionary and pioneer in the drug-free treatment of depression, specializing in the use of Ericksonian hypnosis. He is not only a clinician with over 30 years practice successfully treating depression, but he has also written over a dozen highly-acclaimed books on the subject and trains clinicians worldwide.

Dr. Yapko is a member of the American Psychological Association, a clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, a past Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine’s Division of Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine (in England), a Fellow of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and a member of the International Society of Hypnosis, which awarded him the Pierre Janet Award for Clinical Excellence, a lifetime achievement award. He is also a recipient of The Milton H. Erickson Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Psychotherapy.

Dr. Yapko has written and edited thirteen books, including Breaking the Patterns of Depression, Treating Depression with Hypnosis, and Hand-Me-Down Blues: How to Stop Depression from Spreading in Families. His newest book, Depression is Contagious, was just released in September (2009) from The Free Press, a division of Simon and Schuster. His works have been published in nine languages.

Bill O’Hanlon, MS, LMFT


"Brain Neuro-Genesis" - An astounding new model for understanding and successfully treating depression."

Picture of Bill O'Hanlon

Bill O\'Hanlon, MS. LMFT

Bill O'Hanlon is one of the most prolific and easy-to-understand thinkers in the area of evolutionary change and a direct student of Milton Erickson. Bill is known for his storytelling, irreverent humor, clear and accessible style, he has given over 2000 talks around the world. Bill has been a top-rated presenter at many national conferences and was awarded the "Outstanding Mental Health Educator of the Year" in 2001 by the New England Educational Institute.

Bill has also written over 30 books on the subject of change and has appeared on countless radio and television shows including the Today Show and Oprah. Bill will teach you simple high-impact ways you can begin to engage your brain's remarkable ability to change and lessons that you can use immediately with your clients or patients. Bill is clinical member of AAMFT (and winner of the 2003 New Mexico AMFT Distinguished Service Award), certified by the National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists and a Fellow and a Board Member of the American Psychotherapy Association.

Panel Discussion


Our panel answered questions emailed in from all over the world and from people in a variety of helping fields - PhD's, MSW's, MFCC's and LPC's as well as coaches, hypnotherapists, and several graduate students.

A few of the topic discussed:

• When it is useful to use the label "depression" and when is it not

• How to deal with clients who insist that their symptoms are caused by biology or genetic factors and insist on taking a passive role

• How to stop yourself from being intimidated by a diagnosis.

• Why hypnosis a useful tool for treating depression and if there contraindications

• The first steps you can take when treating depression

• The usefulness of outside the office "tasks" for your clients.

• Useful ways to end a session

• Whether "severe depression" treatment must include drug therapy

And much more.

Our panel discussion lasted over 50 minutes and was packed with useful and cutting-edge information.

Here is a small sample of the panel discussion:

Free Bonus Presentations

All of us in this in this conference are in, or have been in, private practice. We know how important it is for you to maximize your training and continuing education dollars. For this reason, we have added 3 free bonus sessions so you can maximize your learning and budget. Each bonus presentation is a power-packed audio presentation from each of our three presenters:

Rob McNeilly (Free Bonus)

Creating Connections in Hypnosis: Advanced Simplicity, Simplifying Complexities. (50 minute audio presentation with 20 minute video demonstration)

Hypnosis as a treatment modality is often associated with power over people to control them, but this trivializes the empowering aspect of certain hypnotic approaches such as those of Milton Erickson. Rather than opting for some simplistic routine, we can explore ways of connecting clients in their own complexities with their own resources and simply create their own unique solutions.

In this practical talk with video presentation Rob shares his translation of what he learned from Erickson, and shows you simple ways of inviting your clients into an experience of their own resourcefulness and ability to change and then demonstrates it via a short video session.

Michael Yapko (Free Bonus)

Depression is Contagious! How Our Relationships Can Serve as the Cause of or the Solution to Overcoming Depression (30 minute audio presentation).

Based on his popular self-help book called Depression Is Contagious: How the Most Common Mood Disorder Is Spreading Around the World and How to Stop It, clinical psychologist Michael offers a sensible approach to managing depression based on the latest research that shows us that depression is more of a social problem than a medical illness. Indeed, he argues convincingly that by treating a social condition as though a disease, the problems will spread rather than diminish, an unfortunate trend already underway. In this presentation, Dr. Yapko provides highly practical advice that will help participants consider developing the skills and insights they’ll need to forge stronger and healthier social connections as well as overcome depression in the process.

Bill O'Hanlon (Free Bonus)

Persuasion in Changework: How YOU can use what top marketers use to be a better therapist and coach and help people change (40 minute audio presentation with pdf slides)

Some marketers are good at using the non-rational decision pathways already operating inside people. In this presentation you will learn three critical principles of persuasion deriving from the latest research: social following, contextual priming, loss avoidance. And discover how you can use them to make your work much more effective. Applications for changework, therapy and coaching are discussed.

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